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Our embroidered patches are designed with the traditional purpose of a patch in mind - to mend, as in the gold of kintsugi.

As such, we have chosen plain fabric backing for our patches. Through our design process and over various iterations, we have found plain backing to be the most versatile for embroidered patches. Compared with a heat-seal adhesive, plastic, or velcro backings, a plain fabric backing offers the widest variety of options for attachment. Not every material can be ironed on (e.g., leather, some synthetic materials), and even for those that can be ironed, heat-seal adhesives can weaken with age and multiple washes - beloved patches can be lost this way! Thus, we suggest sewing on all patches, even if they are iron-on ones, to ensure that they keep beautifully over time. 

A plain backing also means that the patch is much more physically flexible and lightweight, and able to be used on a wider variety of mediums, as well as for actual mending. Plain backing still retains the option of gluing, too, if you decide not to sew, or for attaching to non-fabric materials and surfaces.  



Garments with affixed patches should be washed in a laundry bag. We recommend using a mild detergent and the delicate cycle on your washing machine. Do not exceed a washing temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. Never use bleach! Do not leave damp or wet embroidered patches pressed together. Do not wring embroidered patches. It is best to hang your garment out to air-dry. If ironing your garment, embroidered patches should be ironed on the reverse side, or under a cloth, at a low temperature (below 110 degrees Celsius).

Dry cleaning
Dry cleaning embroidered patches is possible, though whether it will remain securely on the garment will depend on how your patch was affixed (not all fabric glue will withstand dry-cleaning, and most iron-on adhesives will not). If your garment is dry-cleanable, then there shouldn't be an issue if you have sewn on your patch or used a dry-cleanable fabric glue, but please consult with your professional dry cleaner to be certain. 



We use mailers made from recycled material, which are also recyclable themselves. Please put these in your recycling bin.

Display bags
The clear bags that protect your patches from water damage are made from annually renewable corn/potato starch/cellulose, which makes them biodegradable and compostable. Please put these in your normal waste bin, green organic waste bin, or home/council composting bin. 



For other queries, please visit our FAQ page, or write to us at - we'd love to hear from you!